Monday, 30 May 2011

Lost Trails.

An ant was stranded. It seemed to have lost the trail the others left and moved really slowly across the hall. Losing sense of direction isn’t an easy thing, your goal seems farfetched and the path uncertain. The ant moved so slow I could sense the pain its movement.

Other ants came and crossed as they knew the trail but the lost ant staggered. A few ants came and walked along with it but not for long. They came and left. There was this one ant which really tried guiding the lost ant towards the known path but the lost ant was not ready to increase its speed. The other ant tried and tried but when the lost ant didn't show any interest it carried on leaving the clueless ant on its own.

Watching this ant the other day I realized how similar our lives are. When we lose our paths and our goals are uncertain everything becomes slow and we lose the drive to speed up things and carry on. We meet a lot of people but none of them stay forever. Some come, share the pain and try pushing us towards the light but when we show no improvement, they go away leaving us with the same sense of nowhere. Do we stop? Where do we stop? Do we find the path we lost or do we find a new trail or do we create a new trail? Where does it lead us? Is anything permanent? Do we really rely on others to show us the light or do we see it our self? Is there a definite goal? Is sky actually the limit? Where is our final destination?

All these questions have uncertain answers but we can’t stop. Life goes on and uncertainty remains. Maybe one day we will find the light and maybe one day we will leave a trail behind.

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