Tuesday, 16 October 2012

From Outside.

Bless thee not, Oh earthlings.
Know not the time thy liveth in.

Thy buildings so tall and close,
like a block, hath denied access to stars.

Thy rage for money and power,
the abuse of substance, bestrides thy threshold of real.

Thou behind thy stone age minds,
dwell in the past, Modernity, a disguise well worn.

Thou insignificant pawns of societal labyrinth,
Nature, thou calleth mother. A superior hoax.

Breathe not this air, turn to me.
Cause I belong not to this world.

Thy sun, my flower
Guarded by tentacled hands. A figment of me.

Open thou eyes to reality, 
Power lies at places unseen, unravel and unfurl.

So burn my wings, oh earthlings.
Make me one of thee, be saved.

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