Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Darkness is frightening
In the lonely hours of the night
The moonlight plays hide and seek
The clouds quietly weep.

Rain tries entering
Through the slits and cracks
Shadows creep in slowly
The wind moves the fan.

The window shuts with a bang
And there is a long silence
Thunder chills every bone
And lightning holds the balance.

The sound of life is distant
And pleasing to the lonely ears
Who only wish for a whisper
Or a quiet knock on the door.

The wind chime plays a song
Of the beauty of neverland
In the darkness of the moment
Fantasy has no upperhand.

Reality is in the howl of dogs
The sound of wind between the trees
Reality is you're not in a dream
Your voice is muffled in a silent scream.

No one can hear you
Apart from the lizard living free of cost
Or the mosquito who makes his own music
Paying no attention to your thoughts.

Your thoughts they battle
Win, lose or inter twine
Cause at this hour of the day
Its difficult to see in your own mind.

While you count your breath
And wait for sleep to come
You hear footsteps
It over shadows the humdrum.

There is a whisper in your ear
And you feel at peace
But the darkness is still frightening
Even when there's another heart-beat.

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