Thursday, 10 November 2011

Setting sun.

           Often we find ourselves chasing the wrong things; wrong friends, wrong parties, wrong dresses or even wrong words. We are always looking for something that will please us or calm us or give us that feeling of satisfaction and when we get it, it feels.. well obviously wrong or we might enjoy it for a while but as time passes we realize this is not it. This is not where we want to be or this is not who we want to be with. This is not what we thought it would feel like, then we turn around to the right things but see them fading away with the sun, darkness creeping in with all its might.

           Try running but we never get there in time to save ourselves from all the mistakes. As cliched it maybe but it gets late to set things right. The chance that we had, we blew it and all we're left with, is remorse but then there is always a silver lining and somehow its never too late to do the right thing. 

           To look at the bright side, now we know how different wrong looks from right. How different wrong feels from right. So next time you see right staring right at you, go grab it and smother it like its all yours, was always meant to be and there will be no regret. You will turn back and see a bright sun setting with all its glory and even if it rains, you will still see a rainbow.

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