Saturday, 14 April 2012

Its all the same.

Caged by the manipulation of diamond seeking devils
With a tongue of sweetened poison and rainbow tears of deception
Sucking knowledge piece by piece from the mosaic of my burning life
Guarded by the eyes of my sleepy mind.

The pixels of my desire form a beauty spinning a web
To strangle the dove which I so patiently raised
Beliefs are shot down by skeletons in armor
Leaning on shrines made by religious bombers.

The golden shark attacks the city of mirth
Extracting ecstasy off men ruled by the tetris of birth
The bigger players hide in bottles designed for their game
Pumping the weak up the hose of destruction like a snake.

The dream is changing as I face a golden dragon
Protecting the gates of a lost serene garden
The path of which will be found after finding a magic lamp lost in space
The probability of which is more than finding peace in the world of today.

The button of reality will open my eyes.
Alas! To the same place.

1 comment:

  1. ur selection of words has improved a lot......

    i see a writer in u

    keep that fire burning

    GOD bless