Saturday, 14 April 2012


While the mechanical roots of the world seep deeper
Into the system of nature's creation, rising up
Taking over the eyes to see the motorized civilization
Battling with the brain until it succumbs to logic
As emotion had long lost its war.

The child was smothered in the minds of men
Even before it was conceived in the womb of life
Drained of any energy that could achieve peace someday
Swallowed by knowledge used by corrupted imbeciles
High on the drug of pride.

Where the loyalty of dogs' cannot be trusted
In a world transcended by rotting fungus
Selling illusions of prosperity to the brains
That crave for dreams to satisfy their hunger
For the paradise is forever lost.

We live in a world where the space of thoughts is priced
Where a molded mind is everyone's birthright
Where even birds know no sky
A world between the clutches of mankind
Existence being the synonym of life.

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